Monday, January 18, 2010

30 by 30 list

Earlier this month, I turned 25. Quarter of a century. 5 years ago I couldn't even legally consume alchol. Five years from now....who knows? So in the spirit of the "New Year, New You" theme of January, here is my list of 30 "to-do's" by the time I'm turn thirty. Thirty, flirty, and thriving. Hee.

I'm starting to think my list is pretty lame so I may have to revamp it....but until then, here's what I've got.

1) From January through May research grants and scholarships so that I can do #2
2) Go back to school for Master’s Degree- have to make a decision on what I want to get degree in...currently deciding between three fields.
3) Take some photo classes and add to portfolio…ultimately opening side business
4) Open Etsy store (more on that another time)
5) Read all of Baum’s Oz books and all of Maguire’s books in the Wicked Series
6) Become totally credit card debt free and make sure to pay off future purchases quickly (should happen summer 2010!)
7) Get back to a healthy weight (starting WW @ work tomorrow!)
8) One date night with Greg per month for just us
9) Two new recipes per month
10) Update blog at least once per week

11) Landscape front yard
12) Flagstone patio with covering for backyard
13) Replace sliding door with French doors
14) Replace all interior doors
15) Build garden/bed for backyard
16) Build privacy fence for backyard
17) Upgrade cabinets in kitchen
18) Finish Painting Rooms
19) Get TV Mounted (and larger size, possibly)
20) Sell House and move to larger one

21) Pray Rosary at least once per week
22) Go to Adoration at least once per month
23) Join a bible study
24) Help with youth group
25) Say Morning and Evening prayers EVERYDAY…must get in habit to teach Josh.


26) Take a trip to Europe….possibly a cruise, but undecided
27) One vacation per year for just Greg & I and one family trip
28) See at least one Musical/Play per year
29) Have dinner/outing with brother once a month
30) Have baby #2….hopefully a girl! (this will more than likely happen closer to 30)

So, there it is. Room for modification but I think its a good starting point. What do you think? What goals do you have for the next year, 5 years, etc?

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  1. I love your list! I am so very happy you're pursuing your love of photography, and I am curious as to what your Etsy store will contain. As you know, I support you in all you do, and I know you will succeed!