Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Barfday to me!

Actually, I pretty proud of myself for not totally ralphing all over the Denny's bathroom. I know, TMI.


So, my actual birthday was on Monday but I was still recovering from the hectic holidays and I had to work the next day so celebrating was postponed until last night. I picked up Kate around 5:30 and headed to Greg's work to pick him up since he works downtown. We got to Howl at the Moon at 6 to find Greg's brother Jon and Joseph, James, and David already there. Joseph I knew from college and James and David I met through Jon. That table affectionately was dubbed the Holy Rollers as 3 of them are seminarians and one is a priest.

Yes, that's right. I party with the clergy.


My BIL & SIL are also there. And while, they have seen me drink before they have never seen me drunk. Much less drop it like its hot. Oh yes. Just wait.

So we partake of the taco/nacho buffet (because it was free and because I hadn't eaten all day and I figured it would probably be wise to put something in my stomach before my mass consumption of alcohol) and get our $1 drinks with out little coupons and blah blah blah. By 7:20, I've had two margaritas, two glasses of wine, and a shot....buttery nipple I think. We've been there for less than an hour and a half. It's about to get interesting.

I put in a request for Proud Mary and of course I'm singing along like I wrote the damn song. And that's when the lovely lady piano player decided this is when my birthday "call down" should be. See, when you have your birthday party at Howl part of the deal is that at some point in the evening they call you on to the stage.

And basically set you up for humiliation.

Only, I was oh so eager to help them along.

So, I'm standing up there singing and not really able to see much of anything because the lights are blinding the hell out of me. Which is probably a good thing because if I saw all those people looking back at me I'm probably would have peed my pants right there.

Peed. My. Pants.

But I can't see them, so we're cool.

So I'm up there and the song is playing and I immediately think of this:

So I'm going with it and I'm thinking, shoot, what would Gracie Hart do?

And then they kick it in to high gear.

And I'm busting it out. Think me at 2:09 on that video up there from Miss Congeniality 2.

Only....its more like this 2:56 on this video:

Hair was flyin', ya'll.

All the while I feel like I'm *this close* to falling off the stage. Funny, alcohol will do that.

Well eventually, the song is over and I descend to the cheers of friends who I'm sure have just laughed enough to burn off a least one of their drinks. And then I'm greeted with a "Hello, sorry we're late."

It's my male co-worker, Dean.

Dean, who said he would be there at 6:30 didn't show up until just before my lovely performance, so I assummed he wasn't going to make it.

Oh no. He's here.

And he'll be at work on Monday.


But I figure. What the hell, what's done is done.

So the night goes on. Pretty typical...few more drinks few more singalongs. Making friends with stranger's because its their birthday too.

Fun times.

And then, the only song we all know by Sir Mix a lot comes chiming on those ivory keys.

Totally my cue, right?

So, forget the fact that the Holy Rollers, my BIL & SIL, and my COWORKER are in the audience....Imma shake what my momma gave me!

So I'm up there and the piano guy decides there will be a champion and goes down the line and has the audience cheer for each of us individually. I think there's five of us. So he goes down the line one by one and ends with me.

And what do I do?

I drop to the floor, give it a good smack with my hand, stick my butt in the air and slide on know what I'm talking about.

And thus I am dubbed "the stripper".

So its the Booty-Shakin' finals and its "the stripper" vs. Monica Lewinski.

And I DQ'd for doing the boobie shake.


I still win a happy hour party.

The next day, Dean, facebooks me and tells me I totally earned the party.


More songs, more drinky, people start leaving.

I think we leave around 12:30 and Greg, Kate, Julie and I all head to Denny's. I'm in and out of sleep but managed to eat some hashbrowns. And, for the most part, keep them down.

I don't even remember dropping Kate off.

So there you have it, my birthday bash.

I think I was trying to cram 3 months of partying in to one night (last time I really went out was for Julie's bachelorette back in October).

Mental note: Bad idea.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You are a wild woman! Well, you'd have to be - you are the ONLY one who's ever gotten me to do karaoke - and I wasn't even drunk!

    I hope you had fun. You deserve it.