Thursday, February 4, 2010

My poor neglected blog (AKA Blogger=Epic Fail)

Epilogue: I decided to create Blog Deux using blogger so I it would be easier to update and I'd have more access to fun layouts and backgrounds. On this my 3rd or 4th post (which are daunting enough to pull together) this effing thing decides to freak out and deletes half of my post right as I click publish. So this is my best attempt to re-create what was, a pretty clever...maybe even inspiring post. Epic fail much?

I had every intention of updating this often, which for me means at least once a week. But then the enevitable happens...

Making dinner, house projects, crying babies, bills to pay/checkbooks to balance, calendars to update, you get the idea.So I guess I'll do a little update on what's new in my world.

We had Josh's first birthday party on the 23rd. I had been looking forward to doing a winter One-derland party for quite some time. But when you live in Texas you don't really get much of a Winter... much less a wonderland. And of course finding a location to have the party was no easy task either. Finally we settled on Grady's barbeque.

Oh yeah, you heard right.


Winter one-derland.

First Birthday.

It's Texas, remember?


So, interspersed amongst the frontier flare were sparkly little snowflakes, crepe paper streamers in blue and white, and a birthday banner crafted by yours truly. Yeah, is that image coming in clear enough? I'll have to find some of the pictures so you can see just how awesomely bad this all was.

*****I had originally typed this whole post yesterday but when I went to publish the post it was all erased up to this point. So everything below I had to re-write so that I could post today!*****

But, the food was good (hope it was for everyone else), and he was adorable as always, and I think everyone had a pretty good time so I guess it was a success.

Hmmm...trying to remember everything I had written yesterday before.

Tangent: I use ellipses too much, often incorrectly. What can I say, I write like I talk. Don't know what ellipses are? Google it.

Yeah. I'm in that kind of mood.

Anyway. /Randomness

Well, I joined Weight Watchers last Tuesday. It's been a year since Josh was born and I weigh a whopping 14 pounds lighter than I did when I was full term.


Seriously. Wtf is that?!?

So yeah, a flyer was circulated at work that they were starting a "WW-at-Work" meeting. I took it as a sign, so I joined. I had a lot of "well duh" revelations during my first week. One of the biggest was portion control. Good golly, miss Molly. Before starting WW I probably ate double the points I've been alloted without even realizing through snacking and the "clean your plate" mentality.

So by just cutting my portion sizes, that has helped a lot. And you know what, I've been less hungry...its like my body's getting trained to feel more full on less. Not that I was a super pig or anything before but again, clean the plate mentality.

Another killer was snacking at work. I have a lame-o desk job but hey it pays the bills. But its soooo easy to just graze alllll day long. One of the things I've started doing is filling up my 32oz cup with ice from the cafe. It's awesome! The soft, crunchy ice like sonic has. And munching on that throughout the day has really helped to curb my cravings.

A lot of if it too was just saying "No. I'm done" and that's it. I don't need to go back for seconds or have a post-meal snack. And learning that you don't have to give up everything you love but instead of having a big slice of cheesecake, have half a slice. I'm sure there were some other "well duh" revelations I had but I cant remember them now.

With all that said, I had my first weigh-in since starting the program and I lost ...

Six pounds! And that was with eating out three times over the weekend! I thought for sure the scale was wrong and made them re-weigh me and sure enough, six pounds. Can you tell I'm a little excited? So, pretty good start I just hope I keep up the momentum. Yep, everything was going great until yesterday.

Yesterday, I went to Texas Medclinic to get the stitches removed from my ear.

Wait, what? Stiches? Earlobe?

Oh yeah. Last wednesday while driving to work my I realized my earlobe had split. Yeah, split. As in I could my earlobe could be a stuntman for Mr PacMan. If you follow me on twitter than you may have seen the pictures.

So I went to Texas Medclinic because a) it was open after I got off work and b) there was no way in hell I was going to let my doctor (who I haven't seen since before I was pregnant) anywhere near my earlobes with a needle. Seriously, he's pretty old and I really just need to find a new one.

Anyway, back at the clinic...the doctor did a few shots in my ear to numb it and then the worst part happened. You know when you go to the dentist and he cleans your teeth and you can kinda hear him scrape your teeth. Well that's what I heard only it was magnified a million times because he was SCRAPING MY EAR! He was trying to expose some of the underlying tissue to help the two sides fuse together.So I had the stiches in for a week and then it was time to see if it worked.

So last night, I went back to the doctor to have the stitches removed.

And it didn't take.

So now, I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon to see if they can reconstuct it.

Oh and did I mention its considered cosmetic? Yeah. Peachy.

Yep, life has been all kinds of fun lately but I keep trying to tell myself to count my blessing and not my burdens. With all thats going on in the world and with some of my friends and family members, having to deal with a severed earlobe is pretty trivial.

And as if this hasn't been long enough...

The latest adventure in my life is I'm finally pulling together my photography portfolio in hopes of launching a small side business in the summer.

Baby steps, baby steps.

So, anywho. Yes. Pulling together some of my work from the past and hoping to do some more shoots between now and the summer to beef it up a little bit so if you know anyone who might need some pictures taken send them my way...I'd be forever grateful!. Now I should add, by no means do I think I'm some super amazing photographer on the verge of pulling down thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Its just something I love to do.

So there you have it, in not quite a nutshell. My life. Oh the humanity.


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